FCB New York is ranked as the top agency globally, winning two ADC Best of Disciplines and nine Gold Cubes.  

The New York Times Magazine topped the global rankings for Design Firms, based on winning one Best of Discipline and four Gold Cubes.

The ADC 103rd Annual Awards Global Rankings can be viewed by:

  • Agency
  • Design Firm
  • Brand-Side Agency
  • Network
  • Brand
  • Non-Profit Client
  • Production Company
  • Music & Sound Company
  • Highest Ranked Work
  • Country
  • Region, and
  • Creatives (globally, and by region and country).   

Rankings methodology

Rankings in each category are calculated by the company that garners the most points overall for winning entries based on ADC Cubes, Merits and Special Awards, allocated as follows:

  • Gold Cube: 45 points
  • Silver: 21
  • Bronze: 9
  • Merit: 3
  • Fusion Cube: 90
  • Designism Cube: 90
  • Best of Discipline: 90
  • Best of Non-Profit: 90, and
  • Black Cube for Best of Show: 135.  

Points are only awarded to agencies listed as Primary and Secondary on entries. If several agencies are listed under Primary and Secondary, the points are divided among them. If the same entry wins multiple awards within a discipline, the points for all awards wins will be counted towards the rankings, says the awards.

A total of 11 309 pieces were entered from 62 countries and regions in the ADC 102nd Annual Awards. Agencies, studios, freelancers, brands and production companies in 38 countries were awarded a total of:

  • 92 ADC Gold Cubes
  • 130 Silvers
  • 184 Bronze, and
  • 363 Merits.  

A complete showcase of all ADC 103rd Annual Awards winners can be viewed here.

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