According to the group, Makhathini has been instrumental in driving Primedia Outdoor's growth since joining the group as CEO of the division in 2023. 

This new appointment reflects Primedia's commitment to optimising business opportunities and improving operational efficiencies across the organisation. The consolidation reinforces Primedia's position as a leading player in the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry, with a unified approach that leverages the strengths of both divisions, says the group.

By offering a holistic out-of-home media solution, clients can expect a more seamless experience and access to a wider range of impactful campaign opportunities, the group adds.

"I'm thrilled to take on this expanded role and lead the Primedia Out of Home team," says Makhathini. "This strategic move allows us to offer clients unparalleled OOH solutions and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. We are committed to delivering exceptional value and innovative campaigns that empower our clients to achieve their marketing objectives."

According to the group, Makhathini brings over 15 years of invaluable experience from both the public and private sectors. His distinguished track record in leadership, coupled with his strategic vision, uniquely positions him well to spearhead the Primedia Out-of-Home division into its next phase of growth.

Primedia Out-of-Home says that it is committed to providing its clients with innovative and data-driven strategies that support clients in achieving marketing objectives. Benefiting from an extensive network of OOH assets in South Africa and key markets across Africa, Primedia offers unparalleled reach and flexibility to connect with audiences in diverse OOH environments.

The consolidation of Primedia Outdoor and Primedia Retail underscores Primedia's continued commitment to delivering value and driving positive outcomes for clients with greater efficiency, enhanced synergy and streamlined services, says the group.

By unifying the OOH product offering, Primedia Out-of-Home aims to provide clients with access to a comprehensive suite of outdoor advertising solutions, encompassing a more integrated approach to the dynamic landscape of OOH advertising. With this integrated approach, Primedia empowers brands to seamlessly connect with consumers through multiple touchpoints on their purchasing journey.  

The group concludes that by utilising a combination of touchpoints, from roadside billboards and taxi advertising to in-store activations, Primedia Out-of-Home offers clients personalised, data-driven and high-impact experiences that resonate with their audience at every stage. This not only strengthens brand awareness and engagement along the consumer journey but also allows for targeted messaging that drives conversions.

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*Image courtesy of Primedia