On the first Monday of May, we all tuned in to judge the looks of the Met Gala. But fashion is so much more than haute couture

Fashion is also the clothes we live our daily lives in. That is why it is dependent on people — which means that PRs within the fashion industry have an important role to play. 

With sustainability being front of mind for so many consumers, PR has to work overtime to project a green image for their brands. 

Alrika Möller from media update is making it 'sew' easy to understand PR's role in sustainable fashion. 

Create a sustainable story

Brands view the sustainability situation like this: If you are spending the time and money to be sustainable, without anyone knowing, then there is no point.

PRs have the ability to create a narrative around the green movement in a way that will speak to customers who are looking for sustainable options. Just be careful not to 'greenwash'.  

Highlighting eco-friendly sourcing methods and manufacturing practices can shape a brand's position within the fashion industry as an innovator and show people that they care about sustainability as much as their customers. 

Start green conversations

Public relations is a communications game. PRs are constantly communicating a specific message and creating a curated image. 

That means that PRs — especially PRs from bigger brands and organisations — have the platform to start important discussions. 

Organisations like the Conscious Fashion Collective (CFC) use the influence at their disposal to talk about sustainability within the fashion industry. 

PRs have to start conversations about their own sustainable practices to show the public and other brands that it can be done

When one PR shouts sustainability from their company rooftop, others will have to follow, and an environmentally conscious movement will be stitched together

Are there any other roles of PR in the fashion industry that you want us to unravel? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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*Image courtesy of Canva