Founded by His Majesty Mohamed V, the orphanage serves as a sanctuary and educational center for children aged one to 12. 

In addition to its donation of three SG125CX-P2 string inverters and one COM100E to enhance sustainability and reduce operational costs, Sungrow will implement energy awareness programmes and volunteer initiatives to promote renewable energy education and foster a culture of sustainability within the African community.

Sungrow says that its dedication to sustainable initiatives extends beyond Morocco, raising awareness and fostering support for such endeavors throughout Africa. 

According to the provider, this initiative underscores Sungrow's vision of providing clean power for all. By supporting education and child welfare, Sungrow not only enhances the orphanage's educational environment but also contributes to the holistic development and well-being of its residents.

"We are honoured to collaborate with Dar Tifl Orphanage and our partners GSHK Solar and Nexans on this transformative project," says Moustafa Mohamed, Sungrow's regional director for North Africa.

"Through the integration of renewable energy and the provision of essential educational resources, we aim to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the lives of children, empowering them for a brighter future," adds Mohamed.

Naseer Sayed, president of GSHK Solar, has echoed this sentiment, emphasising the importance of providing clean energy and a carbon-free environment for the orphanage. 

"This marks our second collaboration with Dar Tifl Orphanage, and we are proud to support their mission of sustainability and community welfare," Sayed adds.

The provider concludes that through this partnership with Dar Tifl Orphanage, Sungrow demonstrates its commitment to making a significant impact on the lives of people globally, while simultaneously raising awareness and fostering support for sustainable initiatives.

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